Heritage Museum


Hours of Operation:
Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
10:00 am - 2:00 pm


124 School Street "Old Town"
Glen Carbon, IL 62034

Contact the Museum:

Please contact Linda Sinco, Museum Coordinator
at (618) 288-7271 or lsinco@glen-carbon.il.us for more information or to schedule a visit.

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About Our Museum:
One thing recorded history tells us, is that the towns’ people wanted to make sure that their children were given a good education so that one day they would make their mark on the world. This building began its humble beginnings in 1914 as a school house to educate the youth of Glen Carbon and continues to educate visitors on Glen Carbon’s rich history today.

In its past, it has served as a School, WWII Scrap Metal collection center, Blood Bank, Civil Defense Building, Village Administration offices, Police Station, Doctor’s offices, Teen Town, the Reading Room and then Library, with a small museum in one room. On August 25, 2014 the building was placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the U. S. Parks Service/Department of the Interior in Washington D.C., making this building the first of its kind in the Village of Glen Carbon.

The Glen Carbon Heritage Museum that currently resides in this vintage school house is pleased to share this building with you, complete with the original hard wood floors and tin ceilings that made this fine building a legacy to the community. The Village of Glen Carbon is honored that the building can continue to serve residents and visitors for years to come.

Museum Events:

Special Exhibits

At the November 2017 Historic Commission Meeting the Centennial Time Capsule was opened.  Buried in 1992, as part of the Centennial Celebration, it was designated to be opened in 25 years.  Some of the original Centennial Committee members were in attendance for the opening.  The contents of the Time Capsule were on temporary display at the Museum during February.  Included in the Time Capsule were letters from school children and a book with illustrations that students made identifying endangered species.  The letters came from 1991 -92 classes of Mrs. Mauretto, Mrs. Keller, Miss Lynn, Mrs.  McKinney, Miss Stapleton, Ms. Betty Bledsow and Mrs. Klenke. There were also remembrances by adults, including one from a Glen Carbon resident who was born in 1917.  The Museum and Historic Commission plans to assemble a new Time Capsule, to be buried in 2018. 


In honor of Women’s History Month, the temporary Museum exhibit during the months of March through May, will focus on Women in History.  Museum volunteer and Historic Commission Member, Paige Maag, has put together some special artifacts from the Museum archives, as well as historical information, for this exhibit.  This extra special exhibit would be a great opportunity for a visit to the Museum.  

Yanda Log Cabin

 Yanda Log Cabin


148 Main Street, "Old Town"
Glen Carbon, IL  62034


Linda Sinco, Museum Coordinator
lsinco@glen-carbon.il.us or (618) 288-7271

Hours:  Fourth Saturday of each Month May - August

About Our Log Cabin
The Yanda Log Cabin is believed to have been built by blacksmith William Yanda in 1853. William Yanda (1818-1885) and his wife Anna Zeola (1823-1901) were immigrants from Bohemia, Austria, they and their ten children lived in the cabin. Frank (1846-1912), their oldest son also became a blacksmith. He practiced his craft in other towns in the area and eventually moved back to the “home place” in 1882 with his wife Anna Benda (1845-1912). Frank and Anna raised eleven children in the cabin. Frank sold the cabin to his son Frank Jr. (one of the early mayors of the Village of Glen Carbon. Frank Jr. did not have any children.

Eventually the Village of Glen Carbon bought the lot with the existing house which had been built around the cabin. Upon discovering the cabin lying beneath a more modern home, renovation work began in 1989 and was concluded just in time for the Village’s Centennial Celebration in June 1992. The cabin now serves as both a satellite addition to our museum and as a reminder of the past, even before Glen Carbon came into being.

Yanda Log Cabin Events: